I’m a producer, engineer, and instrumentalist.



The what the fuck effect.

Every good opportunity I’ve ever gotten in music came by doing something different that someone said would never work. 

An experimental electronic show in Switzerland with a composer from The MIT Media Lab. Making an ambient record in Melbourne with a dude I met on Kickstarter because of a double bass gadget. 

None of this came together by coloring inside the lines. 

There are so many musicians who are similarish and insist on just copying other people’s vibe because they think you establish yourself by doing what’s already popular. 

I think it’s actually the opposite. 

If people aren’t saying, “what is THIS?” in the first 30 seconds of a song, we didn’t do something right. 
Lean into what makes you weird and different. That’s when you discover your superpowers. 

At this point in my life, I have a collection of skills that usually don’t come in one package and this philosophy is how I did it. 

So. Let’s make something crazy together. 

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