I’m a producer that helps artists stop being bland and become bizarre.



The what the fuck effect.

Every good opportunity I’ve ever gotten in music came by doing something different. 

I’ve worked on an experimental electronic show in Switzerland with a composer from The MIT Media Lab, made ambient music on the beach in Melbourne, and constantly cook up new projects with my friends around New York as bass player, producer, and engineer. 

None of this came together by coloring inside the lines.

There are so many producers who all sound the same and insist on just copying other people’s vibe because they think that’s how you get ahead in the industry. 

All I know is every time I tried to fit in and do something that’s “proven” or whatever, it felt gross and I failed. Miserably.

That’s why my goal is always for a new listener to hear a track and more or less say:

What. The. Fuck. Is. THIS? 

**frantically texts friends at 3AM**

You need to march to the beat of your own drum. Being an artist isn’t about playing it safe. Take risks. Show people you can pull something off that everybody says will never work. That’s what gets people talking about you.

Lean into what makes you weird and you’ll discover your superpowers. 

And I’m grateful for every person that decides to put me in charge of this job. 

If you want me to produce for you or are thinking about it, get started below.

Let’s make some crazy shit together. 

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